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Nak Tahu Tentang 'Pulling Home A dead Horse'?

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Apr 1, 2008

Pulling home a dead horse
Why must one resort to reasoning or justification? I think because one is succumb to why- and how-part of living with something. Or for that matter anything at all. If we can live with only who, where or what then the lives of many would not be that stressful I think.

What brings me to this? It’s Zahid Hamidi. Yes our Minister who is supposedly to look after Islamic affairs. See here. A man with a patch-sprayed religious background tries hard to make do with what he has trying to tie-up the loose ends. He google-earths inside out for proof that he is one of the descendents of purportedly known religious lineage. He (kind of) hopes to craft a hollier-than-thou shield.

Aristotle observed that normally when one reasons out, it falls into two approaches; Analysis and Synthesis. In the former, we dissect and look at its parts or components in order to understand, say, an object. In the latter, we look for common properties in each and every object in order to understand a group of objects. At this point I do hope Aristotle may nod his head!

But that’s not what I’m trying to bring home.

Aristotle also developed what is known as syllogistic logic. This syllogistic logic simply ignores the content of the argument, rather focuses only on the skeleton of the argument. What it says is simply; you are a human and thus you die. And since I’m also a human therefore I will die too.

So what Zahid actually did is to convince you that a zebra crossing is indeed a zebra no less. He’s attempting to pull a dead horse!
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